The Right Can for Your Hand

The can was dented, but the cider was clean. 

The can was dented, but the cider was clean. 

Last year I wrote about how Shacksbury was my preferred drink of the summer. Their ciders strikes the right chord for me, especially during a sunny afternoon at the beach, or an afternoon in the park. They’re unique, dry, a bit funky and not sweet like a lot of the swill you see on tap around town. 

And for good reason. 

Shacksbury goes after the small more interesting batches of apples. They go around Vermont looking for old fruit trees they can experiment with and also source from producers in the U.K., who take their cider really seriously. Obviously this method of production is a bit more labor intensive, but the result is immediately recognizable. 

This year, Shacksbury has gone the can route and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Cans are lighter than glass and don’t allow light in so there’s less spoilage. Really though, I just prefer cans because they fit better in my fridge, and aren’t as heavy when I bring them to recycling. A nice can of beer or cider also looks a lot like a soda, which is an added benefit for drinking in NYC Parks too.

So when the team up in Vermont offered to send me a few, I happily said yes. I can report they’re delicious, dry and slightly funky. I prefer the Semi-Dry, but both do the trick. I’ll be savoring the last few cans I have left and not sharing them, or, maybe I'll just head to the park this afternoon and finish them off proper. No need to brown bag these beauties.