Introducing: The Reed

There are few, if any, bloggers I admire more than Lizzie Garrett Mettler aka Tomboy Style. Even though I’m not a regular reader of style blogs, I find myself checking her site often because she’s always sharing stories and images I haven’t seen anywhere else, and, well, she does have great and totally unique style. 

So when I found out she was spinning off a new online shop a few months ago, I was really interested to see what she came up with. The result is The Reed.

“If Tomboy Style was the blog that I wish existed, I'm trying to make The Reed into the travel site and store that I wish existed,” she says. 

The Reed features lush travel guides to go along with clothing and accessories that are all about functionality and versatility. Things that “pack well and look great.”

It couldn’t come at a better time too. With the rise of sites like Huckberry and brands like Poler and Ball and Buck, we’re seeing more demand for clothing that can travel well, do a bit of adventuring, and then roll into town, but isn’t really overly technical. As a culture we’re celebrating travel more than ever, and the demands for clothing and gear are reflecting that. But, so far the brands and sites meeting this demand are mostly focusing on men, which is where The Reed comes in. 

When Mettler started Tomboy Style she was filling a similar void. “I was noticing there was a lot of blogosphere chatter about makers and thoughtfully made goods with a story or a history for men, but not so much for women,” she says. “So I started a blog that attempted to catalog a style for women that like traveling, the outdoors, well-made goods, and feeling inspired by iconic women that helped define what we think of as tomboy style.”

And define it she did, eventually writing a book and hundreds of articles and posts.  

So far the Reed has travel guides for Santa Fe and a road trip from Boston to Maine. The next two are New Orleans and Joshua Tree. And even if I’m not the target customer, I’m definitely following along for the ride. 

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