New Retro Offers Some Serious Graphic Inspiration

Looking for some graphic inspiration?

New Retro is a "compendium of fashionable designs that draws inspirations from the past" with pages and pages of “aesthetics and values that withstand time."  And included in those pages is the fantastic work of Hand & Eye favorite Brian Steely. Steely designed a logo for us a few years back that we put on some T-Shirts. Since then he's worked with a number of amazing bands, brands and organizations. 

Steely shared a photo of the spread that features his work in the new hardcover, and I couldn’t be more psyched to be associated, in some way, with the other great bands and organizations that Steely has worked with over the years. Newport Folk Fest? Mumford and Sons? Phish? 

I am not worthy. 

I haven’t flipped through the book yet, but there are some images to peruse on the Victionary site. It's obviously a tremendous collection of work that's worthy of any coffee table or workstation frequented by those who appreciate timeless design.

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