Leica Goes Slow TV for Leica T Promotion

This is the 45-minute long video Leica released last week to promote the quality and craftsmanship of their new Leica T.

Over panning close-up images of white-gloved workers polishing camera bodies, the narrator repeatedly challenges the viewer not to watch.

Leica spends another 45 minutes polishing it by hand. That’s around 4,700 individual strokes to finish each body. Still not interested? Just stop watching.

But we don’t. We can't.

Point. Made.  

The video is total craftsman porn and perfect for those of us who wonder how products are made. It’s also part of a new micro-craze called Slow TV. You may remember the popularity of a Norwegian show last year that featured, simply, a fire burning for 12 hours? It was followed up by hours of wild knitting. Slow TV is literally the 2014 version of those old yule log videos

Want to visit the Norwegian countryside? Have an hour to kill. Get on board this train and let YouTube do the rest. 

Like tools? Check out these “Birth of Tool” videos from John Neeman. 

It’s a strange little thing happening here and who knows how long it will last. But cheers to Leica for giving so many of us what we want: High quality cameras and long, boring videos.