The Horse Low Pro Porter

Back when I went to visit Thomas Callahan at Horse Cycles a few months back, he had just begun working on a collaboration with Urban Outfitters. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, just that Callahan was fabricating a simple bike geared towards urban riding. 

What I didn’t know what just how gorgeous it was going to be. Enter the Low Pro Porter. I got to see one of them in person last weekend at Urban Outfitter’s new Williamsburg shop Space Ninety 8. There it is right in the window, begging you to come in. 

I didn’t have my camera on me so I’m reposting photos from the Horse Cycles site, where there are many more. For what it’s worth, Horse is also collaborating with Pensa, maker of the awesome Street Charge cell phone charging station, for the Oregon Manifest, a bike design project, which means two of Brooklyn’s best are working together. Expect big things.