Grain Needs a New Home

When it comes to my favorite brands, Grain Surfboards is just about at the top. I haven't done one of their board-building classes (something I hope to do one day soon), but I have built a handplane with Grain in New York and also gotten the chance to speak at length with their founder. 

Why I really like Grain though is even simpler though. They teach people how to make things with their hands, which is hugely rewarding. And, even better, they help people get out in the water, which is just about the best way to connect with the natural world. I'm the kind of surfer who thinks more people should surf—who thinks everyone should—even if it means dealing with crowded breaks. I genuinely believe surfing leads to a certain oneness with the planet and greater respect for the environment, not too mention a great sense of calm that usually hits right after a good session.

So yeah, combine this with the whole making something with your hands part, and you've got the recipe for a company that is actually changing the world. I know they wouldn't say that, they're too humble, but I will.

So if you're inclined, head over to their crowdfunding campaign and help them grab some new digs, and make a new board for yourself in the process.