Danish Plants and Proper Hygge

This tease of spring here in New York has me thinking about all the plants I saw in Copenhagen this winter. Plants. In the winter. In Copenhagen. Everywhere.  

I stopped by one shop called Kaktus that would have made all of Brooklyn jealous with succulent envy. I saw the hot houses at the botanical garden filled with plants from around the world, and I watched bushels of cut flowers get wheeled out at the market.

Why so many?

Hygge I guess. 

The Danish use the term “hygge” to describe that cozy feeling you get from sitting around a fire, or eating a warm meal. Up until recently, I figured hygge just meant eating cheese and drinking wine. But now I see that plants and flowers are a critical part too. 

I don’t get to grow a proper garden in New York, but I do tend to a couple of thriving plants, all in the name of proper hygge I guess.