Lost Notes from KCRW


I’ve literally been waiting years for Lost Notes, the new podcast from KCRW. Seriously. 

Years ago, I remember listening to a mini radio documentary about Burnin’, the landmark album from The Wailers. Not only is the album one of my favorites, but this radio piece, published over ten years ago now, caught my ear like few had. 

It was the first time I heard an audio documentary that really dug deep into the cultural history and backstory of a single album or piece of music. It moved me so much that for a while I thought producing similar pieces is what I would do with my life. Who knows? Maybe I still will!

Anyway, ever since then I’ve been looking for a show or podcast that approaches the story behind landmark pieces of music and the musicians that made them with the same care and fascination. 

Enter Lost Notes. Tagline: The greatest music stories never told. 

I recommend starting with this incredibly epic tale of Louie Louie, a song we all know and love, and going from there.  

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What other great music podcasts are you listening to? I'm always looking for recs, so please leave yours in the commetns.