Chef Knives 101


I’ve been obsessing for some time about my cutlery. I think it’s because I live in New York and I have a fairly limited need for tools. I don’t get to pick up a saw or an ax or even a shovel all that often. So it’s knives that I tend to think about, for no other reason than they’re in my hands the most. I’m probably not alone in this. 

I’ve waxed about my favorite oyster knives, a few favorite local makers of knives, my favorite expensive pocket knife and my favorite cheap pocket knife

I’ve also shared some tips on sharpening knives, and I've spent a TON of time watching way too many blade-related videos on YouTube.

After all of this, I can say that this video above is one of the best, if not the best, most clear and detailed explanation of the various kinds of chef’s knives. Given the amazing amount of utterly terrible videos there are on that platform, it’s really nice to see something of such quality.