The Interviews List

This list isn’t complete. It’s not meant to be a ‘Best Interviews Ever’ list or anything like that. 

This is really just a list of interviews that, for whatever reason, keep swirling around in my head. They’ve stuck with me, as good interviews do. They are not necessarily comprehensive or definitive, but they reveal something human about each subject, which is the point of a good interview. 

And because I’ve often myself wanting to revisit these pieces, I've had to repeatedly search for them online to reread and rewatch. So perhaps for no better reason than I don’t want to have to Google all these interviews anymore, I’m putting them here. I expect to keep this as a living article and update it often.

Maybe these interviews will stick with you too. Enjoy.

Joe Hyams interviews Frank Sinatra

Charlie Rose interviews Bill Murray

Studs Terkel interviews Hunter S. Thompson

Terry Gross interviews Maurice Sendak

Chris Wallace interviews Oliver Stone

Lilian Terry interviews Nina Simone

Alex Frank interviews Aretha Franklin

David Sheff interviews John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Alex Haley interviews Malcolm X

Mike Wallace interviews Frank Lloyd Wright

Benjamin Svetkey interviews Tupac Shakur

Cal Fussman interviews Larry King

George Plimpton interviews Ernest Hemingway