Listening: Noon Pacific

Here’s the unfortunate paradox about music on the internet: You can find any song in the world that you want to listen to, but it’s super hard to find a song you didn't know you wanted to listen to. Music discovery online pretty much sucks compared to the old-fashioned method, a good DJ on the radio, or at a party. 
The playlists on Spotify? No flow and no obscure tracks. They are painfully bad. They really are. And the user experience there makes browsing basically impossible too.

Occasionally friends send tracks, but right now my go-to sources for new music really are KCRW, KEXP and Soundcloud. Not a surprise, two of those actually have real live DJ’s working for them. 

But recently, I've found another source that's worth mentioning. Noon Pacific is a playlist that drops every Monday at noon (Pacific time), and it's solid.. There are 135 playlists up right now, which is 135 more times you don’t have to fire up that "Chill Party" playlist on Spotify. They're hard to link to, but I guess that what the app is for.  

Head over there, start with a little Slow Tide and follow on Facebook and Instagramand bathe in a playlist that a human made, and made well.