Gear Fridays: The Sporting Life

Photo by  Ales Krivec

Photo by Ales Krivec

This week we’re looking at the gear to enhance your sporting life. Whether you’re getting waves, throwing a fly or getting out of it on your motorcycle, this is essential gear that should be on your radar. 

Mollusk Trunks: The problem with most surf trunks is the inseam length. It’s ridiculous long, which is constricting. Most are also just ugly as sin. I’ve been using these exact trunks for going on four years and aside from a little fade, they’re showing now signs of wear. Still soft. Still comfortable and still looking good. 

Yeti Cooler: Hands down the best cooler on the market. Yetis are tough and stay cool for what seems like months. I have no idea how they do it but they are just so far ahead of anything else out there. 

Abel Brown Moto Gloves: Don’t get on a motorcycle without a pair of gloves. These Abel Brown’s are vented, so they’ll breathe in the warmer months as well. 

Mollusk Windbreaker: And another great piece from Mollusk, because I really am a huge fan. The classic windbreaker, trusted and versatile.

Fishpond Backpack: Lightweight and durable with builtins rod tube straps, the perfect back for a day of fishing.