The Rise of Very Goods

A few years ago the so-called “social shopping” site Svpply grabbed a lot of attention for its simple design and UI. With curated streams of products and images, it was a place to find inspiration, and also discover some beautifully-produced products. 

But…the story goes, eBay purchased Svpply and shut it down two years later, and it was gone. Why? I’m not exactly sure. 

Luckily though the founders of Svpply decided to pull what they could from the ashes and relaunch it in the form of Very Goods, with the idea of producing a new version of the site that they would not sell off. They went to Kickstarter to raise money and now Very Goods is alive and kicking. Their aim is to recreate what they had at Svpply with, at first, a limited group of shops and members who will build up the content. 

Hand & Eye is one of those members

According to the site, account registrations are closed until 2016, but that doesn't mean you can't use it for design inspiration and product discovery. They also have a new business model worth checking out. 

It’s rare you get a do-over in life, but the people behind Very Goods seem to have just that, and they’re not wasting it. To follow the Hand & Eye on Very Goods, just bookmark this page