California Sounds Good

Back in the mid 2000s, I was living a Kodachrome dream in California. It’s a time and place I’ve been returning to a lot lately, making mini trips back there in my mind. Standing on Bishop Peak. Surfing Cayucos. Hiking Montana de Oro. 

When I was at home, my soundtrack was usually provided by KPIG. I used to love that station. On Fridays after work though, I’d head down the 101 to Los Angeles to see a friend and as soon as I could pick it up, somewhere south of Santa Barbara, KCRW became the weekend soundtrack. I'd keep the radio pegged at 89.9 until I headed back up north and the static took over. That was, and is, the best radio station in the world. 

Recently it occurred to me, during one of these mini mental trips back west, that there was very much a good and beautiful thing happening musically in California at that moment. It was something that’s been called freak folk and new psychedelic folk. Call it whatever you want, it was a little dark and brooding, but also very calming and harmonious too. There was also Tommy Guerrero, J.Dilla and Madlib. 

That’s a long way of saying I made a playlist of California music from the 2000’s, because that was a seriously good time to be driving down the PCH during a sunset. 

Then always is.