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Photo by Amanda Kirkpatrick via Pavonetti Design

Photo by Amanda Kirkpatrick via Pavonetti Design

What do the makers make for themselves? And how is that different than what they make when they’re commissioned?

A few recent articles look at this very question as it relates to architecture, one in Dwell and one in the Wall Street Journal. Architecture is a really fascinating place to examine these questions because it takes time, is expensive and requires a high level of skill. So the products (buildings) that these particular makers create are well-thought out and considered. And perhaps not surprisingly, they are often built for far less money then those for clients. 

Similarly, It’s also always interesting to me to see the the bike the frame builder rides, the guitar the luthier plays, or the boat of the boatbuilder. Almost every single time, they’re much simpler more humble, yet, super-functional custom creations. 

With that in mind, it makes you wonder how much the requests of clients complicate, and perhaps weaken, the design build process, not just in architecture, but in any creative profession. 

Perhaps this is worth a new feature here on the site.