Volvo Life Paint

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to make biking in cities safer, for good reason. Biking is dangerous. In New York, it’s ridiculously dangerous, yet it’s still an essential means of commuting that offers more health and environmental benefits than any other option. Biking is a good thing that needs to be promoted, but there also need to be more solutions for making it safer. 

Sometimes these solutions come in the form of big infrastructure projects like new bike lanes and underpasses, and other times they come in the form of videos that raise awareness about bike riding hazards. And sometimes, there are just much simpler solutions. 

The good people at Volvo just debuted their Life Paint, a spray product that makes surfaces reflective without changing their color in daylight. It’s a much needed, yet beautifully simple, solution to the problem of not being able to see bikers at night. It’s easy to see how the technology in this product could eventually be applied to all bike frames and gear during the build process. Really, there’s no reason why not. 

And that Life Paint comes from a car manufacturer makes it even greater in my mind. I look forward to seeing this in use in soon.