Gear Fridays: The Sun Essentials

The moment of preparation comes long before the moment of need. Consider this your warning to equip yourself, or at least begin to equip yourself, for warmer, sunnier times when you'll be traipsing wide-open landscapes and looking for a match to light that bonfire on the beach. Carpe diem indeed.   

Stormproof Matches: Wet matches are lame and a major night/week/vacation ender. Stay safe and warm. 

Pendleton Towel: You will need a towel and this one says, "I prefer to dry off with wool," even if it's actually soft soft cotton. Let them believe. 

Eastland Camp Mocs: I truck around in these exact shoes from Memorial Day until...I need to wear socks. They will take a little time to break in, but once you let them, they will treat you right for a long, long time. 

Raen Optics: Get your shade game right this season with a new pair of specs. Not these? That's cool. Plenty more here