Going In: Electric Lady Studio

Last week, I got to visit one of those rare hallowed halls in New York that you hear about occasionally, but rarely get the chance to go, Electric Lady Studios. WFUV was hosting an intimate Steve Earle concert where he played tracks from his newest album, a blues-focused one, called Terraplaneand I got to write about it for the Village Voice

There are just a few places and studios that are so soaked in musical history. Capitol Studios. FAME. Hitsville U.S.A. All also on the level. The story of Electric Lady Studios goes something like this: Jimi Hendrix bought a night club that he used to hang out at a lot on 8th street, but his manager didn't like the idea of him owning a club, so they turned it into a music studio. Hendrix commissioned some murals, that are still on the back wall, but sadly he never got to record much in the space before he passed away. 

Since then countless artists including Bob Dylan, Kanye West, John Lennon and The Clash have recorded there. With all the lore and those incredible murals, it really is something to see, especially for music lovers out there. If you ever do have the chance, you must.