Aphrodite: The Most Interesting Boat in the World

27 - 01 Aphrodite.jpg

I remember the first time I saw Aphrodite on Long Island Sound. A boat like this leaves an impression. It was pulling out of the Fishers Island a few summers ago and I grabbed a pair of binoculars to scope the name on the stern. Aphrodite, Watch Hill. Aphrodite plained hard and fast out of the harbor that day and honestly it sounded more like a 747 then a boat. It was amazing.

I’ve had a sort of fascination with this boat ever since, its history as Wall Street Financier and Publisher of the New York Herald Tribune John Hay (Jock) Whitney's commuter boat, how it played host to so many notables, how it went to war, fell into disrepair and was eventually brought back to life by the good people at Brooklin Boat Yard. I got to write about some of that history for the blog over at DockHop. Check it out here

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