Barry McGee in New York


I hate posting photos of a show that you can't actually go and see yourself, but I couldn't resist in this case. These photos are from the recent Barry McGee show at the Cheim & Read gallery in Chelsea, which unfortunately just closed. 

I'd been meaning to check out the show for a while—after seeing images of that surfboard tower blow up my Instagram feed for weeks—and squeaked in on the last day. It was well worth it.

McGee is a well-known artist in the Bay Area surf/skate scene. He frequently uses typography and text in his works, which makes sense because he's also a graffiti artist, and he also adds these utterly cool/sometimes eerie faces, which I love. I'll always associate McGee's work with my time in San Francisco, the Mollusk surf shop scene and my favorite surf movie Sprout. But clearly, his work has become so much more than that slice of culture. 

In this show, McGee also included pottery, patterned works, and objects from his studio like surfboards and a movie projector, meant to give the show a sense of place - namely his studio in SF. There was even a little room in the corner that seemed like a mini version of his bedroom or something. 

If you want to read more about McGee, I highly recommend this profile in the New Yorker: A Ghost in the Family, and following him @barrymcgeeart