Greenfield Guitars in Depth

I watch a lot of guitar videos on Youtube, and somehow only just managed to stumble across this really nice documentary about Montreal’s Greenfield Guitars. It’s an hour long and thoroughly documents the long and laborious process of producing some one the world’s finest guitars. 

How long does it actually take to make one? If you add up the time it takes to age the wood, let alone the various stages of crafting the actual guitar, it's really a matter of months and years that goes into the production. 

Well known Greenfield Guitar players include Keith Richards and Colin Hay, and not surprisingly there's a long waiting list for one. And also not surprisingly, the price of a Greenfield Guitar reflects the incredible amount of time that it takes to craft one…they start at around $10,000. 

From shaving the individual braces, selecting the wood, inlaying the abalone, building and setting the neck, it's really a fascinating process especially for a guitar player.