Bonneville Speed Dreams



There’s something about the salt in Utah. It pulls all sorts of people in, but especially those who want to go very, very fast. 

I’ve only been through Bonneville once and it wasn’t during Speed Week, but its magic wasn’t lost on me. In honor of this year’s premier racing event, when makers of all kinds bring their roaring creations to Utah just to go fast, I wanted to post this excellent BBC documentary Speed Dreams. 

Thanks to the salt and the expansive open space, Bonneville is THE place to set speed records in the lower 48. But there’s something else about it that makes it so special. The intangible eerie feeling you get being in such a unique deserted place. It really feels other-worldly; the perfect place to do things you can’t do anywhere else, like go really, really fast. 

There’s no shortage of records set at Bonneville. And this year Speed Week will draw professionals and amateurs alike, all reaching for the same thing, speed they can achieve nowhere else.