Gear Fridays: Weekend Edition


All work and no play may make for a good movie, but it also makes for a really boring existence. This week, we’re highlighting a few things from our friends at Huckberry that will help you shake off the work week, and start playing, responsibly of course.  Cheers.  

The Carry On Cocktail Kit: Enough for two Old Fashioneds, which equals four at 30,000 feet, so you'll be in prime shape when you land. Hopefully your bag makes it too. 

The Bottle Loft: It's not often that real innovation hits the refrigerator. Behold, the Bottle Loft. 

Adventure Shot Glasses: In case you find yourself on the trail needing the right vessel. 

Mason Shaker: Because a bar without a shaker is like a car without an engine. Useless. 

Whiskey Balls: Bigger really is better, especially when it comes to ice. Stop messing around with those little cubes. 

More bar essentials over at Huckberry