More Budweiser Backlash

Well, looks like the Budweiser backlash continues with this video and this Slate article as well, which points out though that lighter beers, macros included, do go better with food. Agreed. 

And to be fair, there is an argument to be made that drinking Budweiser can be a more environmentally friendly choice than drinking craft beers. Think about it. Budweiser has breweries all over the country, so the beer is trucked much smaller distances to the consumer, than say a micro beer brewed in California and consumed in New York. The “food miles” or in this case “beer miles” are much less with Budweiser than with some craft breweries.  Of course, that argument dissolves if you simply drink local. 

Also worth noting is this sharp piece today in the New York Times: "Betting on the Growth of Microbreweries"