Checking in with Tool Crave Editor Timothy Dahl

Tool Crave is a site that should be on your radar. It’s one of my favorite on the web these days. It genuinely celebrates DIY and pro craftsmen alike, showing just how accessible projects can be. I reached out to editor Timothy Dahl recently to tell him how much I admire the site, and also to ask if he would be willing to doing a Q&A. Luckily, he was. 

Tells us about the site. How it came about and what your goals are?
Tool Crave shares a peek into the workshops and tool boxes of notable craftsman, artists, builders and DIYers. We want to know what tools would they save in a fire and who inspired them to build.

You're builder. Do you have speciality? What do you enjoy working on the most?
I enjoy tackling random woodworking projects as well as fix-it stuff around the house. Most times a home improvement project is the first time I’ve ever done that task, such as replacing a toilet, flushing a water heater, installing a ceiling fan. I learn as I go and hopefully retain a bit of knowledge for the next time.

Do you have a favorite tool or process you particularly enjoy?
For some reason I love sanding. There’s something so satisfying about taking a rough surface and making it smooth. My favorite tool would have to be my Dremel rotary tool. Every homeowner should have one.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Sites such as The Hand and Eye, The Selby, A Continuous Lean, Wood & Faulk, are all great online resources, but I get the most inspiration from my environment. Living in LA I can surf at dawn and take note of the color of the air and water as the sun rises and at night I can wander through Koreatown and indulge in the best food ever. I try to stay well-rounded in all facets of life.

Are they any projects you want to work on but haven't yet?
I’m always seeking the next great collaboration. Be it with brands, individuals or organizations. I love working with people to tell stories.

Someday I want to build a treehouse. Nothing fancy. I first need a big enough yard and a tall enough tree.

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