Notable Architecture : Les Haras de Strasbourg

The above image has been blowing up my Instagram feed all week, for good reason. The spiraling staircase inside the brassiere at the Les Haras de Strasbourg hotel is perfectly of the moment. It makes a nod to the building's past, without ever being owned by it.  

Architectural design credit goes to Denu et Paradon and Jean-Pascal Scharf, who succeeded in evoking the buildings past life as a stud farm, while also bringing it very much into the present. Click through here for more images, and you’ll see the exposed framing and beams of the old barn, combined with metal, mirrors and leather.

The giant curling planks of wood around the stairwell are the highlight for me, and Instagram, though. They conjure the haphazard functional structure of an old fence, but made with contemporary elements. It's modern design used to evoke a simpler classic form of construction. The method changes, but the design remains. I love it. 

It also playa a bit of a trick on the mind. How did they bend, and suspend, those giant planks? 

Just as they designed the entire place, with much thought and very carefully.

You can read much more about the history of the stud farm and its restoration here