Robert Frank's America


As I write this, you have ten days left to go make a pilgrimage to check out Robert Frank’s America at Danziger Gallery. It’s the type of photo show that doesn’t come around often (the last one like it for me was William Eggleston’s Democratic Forrest), and yes, it really was something of a pilgrimage.

Like so many, I’ve been a fan of Frank for a while. He’s sort of the original street photographer, the guy who went in search of America, and, well, found it.


This show is comprised of works that were previously unreleased, and man, they are so good. They’re the kind of photos that can make a photographer ache with a mix of envy and gratitude. Envy because you didn’t take these photos yourself, and gratitude because you’re seeing such amazing work in person. That’s what they did for me anyway. How did he get these shots? How are they so perfect?

Go see and find out for yourself.