The Best Record Shop in New York


To be fair, I haven’t been to them all. Who has? But of all the record shops here in New York I’ve been to, Human Head Records is by far my favorite. Why? It’s simple. Human Head has the deepest and most organized collection. What you see in their smallish Brooklyn shop is just an abbreviated selection of the entire offering. To really dig into Human Head, you have to know about their full basement archive. 

Right now on Discogs, Human Head has some 26,600 records listed, and all of those are stored downstairs at their shop. I was in the shop recently and on a whim I asked if they had any Luiz Bonfa, a Brazilian guitarist who I’ve been really into lately, but haven't seen any of his records in person. They had eight. 

So even though you’ll find gems in the shop (you will), you also need to keep your phone in hand to search their discogs page. Or, search before and then go listen to them in person there. As much fun as digging through crates is, it’s much more fun when you know you’re going to find something you want. I always do at Human Head.