Gear Fridays: James Brand

This week, I’m shifting up our Gear Fridays feature a little bit to focus on one product that I’m really really enjoying, and that’s this knife from James Brand

The Chapter is a single folding blade made knife made of titanium and stainless. What I really appreciate about this knife is its simplicity. There’s a single titanium frame lock that clicks into place when you unfold the knife. It’s an incredibly simple design that's tough and very hard to image failing in anyway. 

This means that the inside of the knife is open when the knife is exposed, so from the side you can see through the knife handle when the blade is folded out. This is ideal because it makes it easy to clean and hard for junk to get caught inside an inner locking mechanism. 

The Chapter is strong as hell. I actually tried to bend it with all my force (like really all of my force) sort of like those iPhone bend test videos, and I couldn’t get it to flex at all. Thanks to the titanium, t’s tough as nails. 

Also, the green thumb stud is perfectly placed and makes flipping the blade out with one hand no problem.

Previously, I was totally committed to my Opinel No. 10 corkscrew knife, which I still love. And while yes this is a bit pricer than the Opinel, over the last few weeks my allegiance has shifted and I’ve become a huge fan of the Chapter and the James Brand. 

There’s a chance that James may be low on stock right now, but there are a few models available at Huckberry. Just go here.  

If you’re looking for a knife to carry for decades, not years, check out the James Brand, and if are thinking of buying one, I’d recommend going for the serrated blade.