Introducing the East Surf Co. Wax Tool


The brilliance of East Surf Co. is in the reinvention of the mundane. The company launched with a single product: surf wax. Most surfers would have doubted it possible to launch a new wax. The market was flooded with a few big name brands that had dominated it for years. Plus, how do you reinvent a mundane simple thing like surf wax?

Well, the husband and wife team at East Surf Co. figured out a way. They developed a mix of organic wax and then a new mold that incorporates a crescent shape to make it easier to hold when waxing your board. Combine that with some real nice and totally memorable playing card graphics, a lot of hustle, and you’ve got a new player in the market. 

East wax, which is hand-poured in Red Hook (check out this feature on Pilgrim’s site to see how), is doing brisk business all over the country and in places like Japan as well. 

And now they’ve launched their second product. 

The East Surf Co. wax tool is made in Red Hook Brooklyn from American Walnut. It took months for the team to research and design, but it comes just in time for summer. I’ve got a bunch of cheap plastic surf combs that always end up between the seats in my car or somewhere forgettable. I like that East went with a wood design and incorporated the trademark crescent grip as well. Really brilliant.

“We were inspired by the craftsmanship of a surfboard and wanted to bring the same handcrafted process to the tool much like we did with the wax,” says Matt Olerio.

And they did.  

With care and maintenance instructions on the East site, it’s a tool that’s meant to last. And of course it’s beautiful enough that you’ll want to hold on to it for the long haul. 

I’ve gotten to know Olerio a little bit over the last few months and I really admire the way he thinks about business. He and his wife are growing East slowing and steadily and have plans to launch more products in the future. 

“Our aim is to create tools and accessories for surfing and everyday living,” he says. 

It’s beginning to look like the building of a really strong brand and one I’m proud to support.