All About Craft with the Brothers LaVecchia

One teaches people how to make wood surfboards. One takes amazing photos. And they both hold it down it Maine, one of my favorite places in the world. Mike and Nick LaVecchia are two brothers whose work I’ve admired (mostly through their Instagram accounts) for a long time. So I was particularly excited when Huckberry asked me to interview them. 

Mike LaVecchia is the founder Grain Surfboards, a company that sells surfboard kits and holds classes to teach people how to make boards. I did one of their handplane classes a while back and have wanted to make a board ever since. His brother Nick is one of my favorite photographers, who is especially known for the coastal Maine shots he takes, often in really harsh conditions. 

I asked both brothers if they had any mottos they lived by, and neither of their answers disappointed. “Don’t sacrifice the good for the perfect,” Mike told me. Meaning: accept and see the beauty in some of the flaws that come with creative projects. When I asked Nick if there was something he lived by, without missing a beat, he said, “Love where you live.” 


Also, he added, “The middle of the Winter is really a beautiful time to be enjoying the outdoors.”

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