Getting to Work

The Atlantic's new Inside Jobs feature is probably the most exhaustive look at the life of the American worker since Studs Terkel published Working. It's also, I'd argue, the best thing you could read to really understand your fellow American. Not raging blog posts about Trump or Hillary, or middle America, or smug journalists, or Andy Borowitz. This is a piece about something we all do, and hopefully get to take pride in: our work.

In the three years I've been interviewing people about their work and their crafts (more if you include my time as the Reuters Small Business editor) for this site, the one thing I've learned is that the people who are happiest are the ones who are most fulfilled at work. They could be factory workers, potters, bankers, doesn't matter. Of course happiness, contentment and fulfillment do not come from money or goods, but the feeling that we're doing something useful with our precious time here on Earth. 

Work is the one thing that can and should unite us. So hear, hear to the Atlantic for such great work. I wish I'd thought of doing this first. 

*The above photo from our tour of the old Chelsea Clock factory. This post originally appeared in the Hand and Eye newsletter. Click here to subscribe