The Future of Cities

How well a city functions is something that immediately affects the lives of thousands or millions of people. A city government can move quickly enough to enact change in a short time, unlike most federal governments. So cities are understandably often on the leading edge of social and economic change. And because of population and economic trends, cities really are the future.

Cities, especially here in the U.S., will also bear the brunt of a lot of the problems that we’re facing the next ten years or so, like climate change, terrorism attacks and economic disparity. It’s the city governments that will ultimately have the most effect on our lives. 

This mini doc, The Future of Cities, from filmmaker Oscar Boyson, begins to look at the current situation and makes a compelling case for paying a lot more attention to urban planning. The ability of an urban area to function will only become more critical in the immediate future. I watched as Boyson put this together via his social posts, and I really hope he digs in even deeper. We need to be talking about this a lot more.