At Home with Mikey DeTemple

Early this fall, I got the chance to go out to Montauk to hang out with Mikey DeTemple for a Huckberry feature that just posted. Mikey is a surfer, filmmaker and Huckberry Ambassador. He’s also got a really sick place out in Montauk a few minutes from Ditch Plains, which is also near where he grew up. 

We wanted to feature his approach to designing his home, his style, and share a little bit of the East End life with Huckberry readers. What I didn’t write about in the piece was how genuinely kind Mikey was and also how much fun it was to catch a few waves with him afterwards. Mikey surfs a longboard, as I do as well, and seeing him ride it in chest high waves, and move around the lineup, was next level.  

At a crowded Ditch Plains, I watched him get into position to get waves faster and more effortlessly than anyone else. Then, when a wave would come, he’d offer it to a friend (who he has many of out there), saying “I’ll go right if you want to go left,” before hoping on, getting out on the nose, and riding it to the beach. For those who don’t surf, this kind of generosity is rarely encountered in the water. 

Grace and style and don’t always go hand in hand, but when they do, it’s something special to see. 

*See more photos and read the full interview with Mikey DeTemple here, and follow him on Instagram here