Electric Vehicles are Everywhere

The Equs is an electric motorcycle with room for hauling cargo. It’s appears to be nimble, functional and well designed. And my first reaction after seeing it was: I can’t wait for the day electric motorcycles are ubiquitous. 

But that’s totally the wrong reaction. 

I realized that today is the day electric motorcycles and vehicles are ubiquitous. Sure petroleum vehicles still far outnumber electric, but look around, electric vehicles are everywhere. 

Recently I saw a Zero motorcycle cruising SoHo. Boosted boards, which have a range of 6 miles and can go 22 mph are all over San Francisco, and they just released a more affordable model. Then, of course, there are the hundreds of NYC food delivery drivers rocking these things, which is probably the most telling example. 

Food delivery is a tough business. Margins are small and time is tight. So equipment reliability and affordability are pretty key. Would a normal pedal bike be better? Maybe. But in this case, food delivery guys are actually way ahead of the rest of us when it comes to getting around the city, even if it isn't totally illegal