Dispatch: Montreal's Jean Talon Market

Event though I ran through Jean-Talon market pretty quickly, and a bit haggard from the night before, it left a memorable impression. We woke up early to make one last stop at the Montreal market before hitting the road for New York and I'm really glad we did. In just a few minutes, Jean-Talon quickly became one of my favorite places in Montreal, even though I didn't buy any produce, just coffee, pastries and marmalade.  

Unlike the farmer’s markets in New York, Jean-Talon seems very much geared towards the commercial customer - chefs, restaurants, etc. Though plenty of non-professionals go there as well. It reminded me of the old Haymarket farmer's market in Boston, which used to pop up every few days for the pro customers and leave the streets littered in cabbage and discarded vegetables.  


So given the rapidly approaching winter, it seemed like a good time to revisit these images. As you can see, the bounty at Jean-Talon was seriosuly abundant. These photos were taken, after all, in August, which must be just about peak season at those latitudes.  


I can also tell you that coffees and pastries at Jean-Talon were abundant. I’m not sure what the crowds are like during the day, but the scene in the morning—calm and reflective—made for an ideal way to start the day, and finish a trip.

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