Respect for the Pop-Up People

The Hand & Eye just wrapped up our first ever pop-up event and, damn, what a time. I’ve been to a bunch of pop-ups before, but never actually as a vendor. It’s a totally different thing. It’s a little stressful, totally exhausting, and a ton of fun. 

I have a whole new level of respect for all people associated with pop-ups. Whether it’s the vendors who travel from across the country with tons of product, the organizers who secure space, permits and settle all the minute logistical details, or the sponsors who come through with endless beer, color me impressed. A ton of work goes into setting up a weekend pop-up market and it showed this weekend at Industry City. 

I’ll post more photos soon, but I wanted to extend a quick thanks to the team at American Field who put on a great event this weekend and also the guys at Brothers Artisan Oil, who were awesome booth neighbors. 

More soon.