Gear Fridays: The Boot Factor

Winter is nearly here, which means it’s time—right now—to gear up for the inevitable cold that will clamp down upon us so strongly. Unless that is, you live in warmer southern climes, and then well, lucky you. 

It goes without saying, but boots are an essential part of the winter survival kit. I’ve written previously about my preferred pair : Redwing Iron Rangers with custom lug soles. They’ve done me right for years now. 

There are a few others though that have caught my eye recently. I put them in the lifetime boot category. They’re leather beasts that you can expect will take a long time to break in, and do you right for years to come. One of those pairs is from Woolwich, a brand I’ve stood loyally by for years now. You can’t argue with Woolwich quality. Why would you? But Danner and Thorogood are also on my map for obvious reasons. 

If you’re bootless, you can find your feet some winter protection over at Huckberry. They have a whole ton of them picked and ready for whatever cold snow and wintry mix will inevitably fall upon us in the near future. Don't be caught with your shoes on when the weather turns nasty.