Scoping the 2014 Balvenie Rare Craft Collection

It’s not everyday you see a surfboard on display alongside an old Morgan roadster at a curated exhibition in downtown Manhattan. But that was the scene at the Balvenie Rare Craft Collection exhibition last night at Chelsea Market. And even if the roadster wasn’t technically part of the show (more of a showpiece for the Scotch brand), it does make a point: This brilliant resurgence of craft in the U.S., which is deeply rooted in all aspects of design, is alive and well across a spectrum of disciplines, makers and brands. 

I was lucky enough to stop by briefly and take a few photos of some of the excellent items on display. Aside from Grain’s surfboard, there was also a beautiful shuffleboard table from McClure Tables, an acoustic guitar from Athens-based Scott Baxendale, a handmade sailboat sculpture from Jason Prigmore and an amazing pair of stools from Asher Dunn that we’ve actually featured on this site before here, that all caught my eye. 

All in all, the Balvenie Rare Craft Collection is great selection of diverse products that really show off just how alive and well craft is right now.

You can see the full collection here