Cool Kickstarter of the Day: BIY Bamboo Bike

It’s a bamboo bike frame that you build yourself that has just totally killed its Kickstarter goal. Last check, they had raised $53,000 on a $15,000 goal. That’s a lot of bamboo. 

I’ve never ridden a bamboo bike, but I have been watching as they’ve become more common over the last few years. It’s makes some sense to get these in the hands of people who want to build a frame because it’s a lot easier material to work with than metal. 

But what really looks interesting about this Kickstarter, to me at least, is the jig that comes with the kit and clamps onto a table. I’ve seen industrial versions of this rig at frame shops. This jig is the key piece to building a strong straight frame. Without it, you can’t make a frame. I wonder how well it will work.   

And while I’m sure a lot of these “BIY” bikes won’t end up straight, or even built - as they point out over at Core 77 - I look forward to seeing one roll by someday soon.