In Praise of Jungmaven


I didn’t know a T-shirt could be so sumptuous. 

Having come off something of a T-Shirt hiatus, I recently discovered Jungmaven when a friend recommended them to me, remarking on the weight and fit. I didn't grab one though until they went on sale at Huckberry a few months back. 

They are superb. The fit is great. The neck opening isn't too big (a giant pet peeve of mine). The weight is heavy, and the softness—thanks to the hemp construction—is downright downy. 


About that hemp...

Aside from creating an incredibly soft material, it's also sort a miracle plant all around and I don’t just mean because you can’t get stoned on its closely-related cousin. Hemp grows quickly and doesn’t require a lot of water or pesticides, so it's much more environmentally-friendly than cotton. 

It makes sense, really makes sense

Seriously, this is the T-Shirt I was waiting for and I think you’ll like them as well. And they happen to be on sale over at Huckberry. Grab one now.