Popping-Up with American Field

The pop-up is no longer a novelty. It’s become a standard that’s been accepted as essential for new and web-based brands. And it’s not surprising why. Pop-ups are a great way for brands to connect with customers. And they're fun.  

Here at the H&E we’re big fans of the pop-up model. We’ve written about Northern Grade, the Pop Up Flea, Out to See, and even waxed poetic about pop-ups at previous media outlets. 

So we’re excited to share the news that on November 22nd and 23rd we’re going to join the good people at American Field at their first Brooklyn pop-up. 

I first heard about American Field a few months back when, one weekend, it seemed my whole Instagram feed was just dominated by images of their event in Boston. Brands I really admire, especially from my home state (Massachusetts) and New England were there in Boston’s Seaport District, sharing their work. It looked like an awesome time. Needles to say, I was really pissed I wasn’t there. 

Not again. 

When I heard that American Field was coming to Brooklyn, I knew I wanted to get involved. The mission of the Hand & Eye is to champion small businesses, makers, designers and entrepreneurs who are committed to their craft. The team at American Field feel the same way. 

That, and it’s at Industry City, which is also cool and noteworthy. The H&E is regularly down their checking in with some of the great companies there like Orchard Steel and Gramercy Tools. The space drips of passion for craft and handwork and couldn’t be more fitting

Details are at AmericanField.us. Please consider stopping by. And of course, you’ll get to see all the Hand & Eye shop items in person as well. 


November 22nd & 23rd, 2014
274 36th Street, Brooklyn