Dispatch: St. Lawrence Market

For whatever reason, when I’m in a new city, I tend to gravitate towards its markets. I suspect I’m not alone. 

It’s an easy way to take the pulse of a place, to try some local food, and also observe and meet people. In Berlin, it was Markthalle Neun. In Italy it was the Catania Fish Market. And recently, it was the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. 

Unfortunately, we went on a Sunday, which meant the main hall, with food vendors, was closed, but there was still a very lively flea market outside, and in a tent in the back. It was a genuine flea market with all the junk, and some of the precious finds, you'd expect to see at a flea market outside of the five boroughs. 

I spotted a vintage Heuer “U.S. Government” stopwatch and am absolutely kicking myself for not grabbing it. I also spotted some mint vintage Tudors and Omegas, but alas, was not allowed to photograph them. 

There was no shortage of old cameras, typewriters, jewelry, records, a giant piece of cake, perhaps from a movie set, and really, just all the good stuff you hope to see at a flea market. In general, a very browsable scene in Toronto.  

You can find out more about the market here.