Bringing Watchmaking Back to the U.S.

No other manufacturing industry epitomizes the potential for brining manufacturing back to the U.S. better than American watchmaking. Watches, especially mechanical, are some of the most complicated consumer goods on the market. And while the industry went over sees early on in the mid 20th century, its now coming back in force thanks to a big demand for quality American made goods, and, watches. 

I got to explore this topic in Newsweek more deeply, where I interviewed some leaders in the industry and people I really admire like Shinola CEO Steve Bock, John Tarantino of Martenero and Cameron Weiss of Weiss Watch Company. Each of theses companies are brining watch making back to the U.S. piece-by-piece But it’s Weiss Watch that is likely going to be the first company to make an all-American made manual movement on large-scale, since that manufacturing went oversees some 60 years ago. Cameron Weiss is on a quest and he’s got the skill and momentum to do it.

It’s an exciting shift to see. 

You can read the full story here.