Kyle Steed Artist Series

Where is the line between art and design? Is there a line? 

If anyone knows, it’s probably Kyle Steed. He makes a living doing both - as a graphic designer and as an artist. This summer, I headed down to Texas to photograph and interview him for the ongoing Huckberry Artist Series.

I wasn’t quite sure what I’d find in Texas, but what I found was an incredibly creative community in Oak Cliff, super-friendly people, and some really, really good food. Yes of course there was Tex-Mex and plenty of tacos. 

Kyle’s work, whether it’s a graphic lettering project, a painting, a mural, or even his blog posts, are all uniquely his. He’s spent years honing his style, and still hammers away at it every single day. His commitment to creating day in and day out was the thing that struck me most about Kyle. He accepts that not everything he makes will be good or usable, maybe it will be something that will have meaning or usefulness later, or maybe it will just end up shelved away in a sketchbook, but still, he creates every single day. 

Kyle is perhaps most known for his big murals in Dallas and Chicago. We visited a few of them over the course of two days and made a little film about him as well (Credit to Andrew Ryan Shepherd for the heavy lifting on that). 

Now, the full Artist Series feature about Kyle is up over at Huckberry, with an in-depth interview about his creative process, his time in the Air Force, and the importance of always making something. There are also a bunch of original prints, tees and bandanas that he designed as well. 

Read the full interview here, and follow Kyle on Instagram here.