All Hail the Opinel

The first Opinel I ever laid my eyes on was in the hands of my (now) step father. He always had a No. 8 with the wood handle in his pocket, and every time someone admired it, he gifted it to them on the spot.

“No, no, no, I can’t,” they would inevitably say. 
“Yes, yes, you really can,” Rick would then say. 

After some funny nervous back and forth, Rick would be knifeless and one more Opinel made it into the hands of a new fan. I can’t tell you how many times I saw this exchange happen.

Sort of knowing the game, I once admired his No. 10 corkscrew and sure enough, I’m now its owner. With a corkscrew that folds into the handle, and a blade slightly bigger than my palm, It’s the perfect wine and cheese knife.

The small but strong Opinel No. 5 

The small but strong Opinel No. 5 

The perfect Opinel to carry in your pocket though, is the No.8. It’s slightly smaller than the No. 10 and is just an all round great knife.  

While it’s not in my #edc, there’s always an Opinel knife tucked in my weekend duffle. Usually it's the No. 10 Rick gave me, though I keep the No. 8 close at hand as well. I even have a No. 5 in my desk drawer that I use to open mail. 

Why the Opinel though? It’s a classic design that’s worked for over a century. They’re minimal, light and the simple locking mechanism doubles as a bottle opener too. Also, they’re so inexpensive that it’s really no big deal if you lose it, or give it away.