How to Scale an Artisanal Business

And now I’d like to point you to a few articles I wrote for Inc. Magazine. The idea was to look into the challenges of scaling an artisanal brand. And there are a lot of them, particularly for maker-based businesses. I say that because a lot of the people I feature on this site, and in the piece, actually make the things they’re selling, which leaves little time for all the other parts of running and growing a business. 

For these stories, I got to interview a few entrepreneurs that I’ve featured on this site like Caroline Hurley, Andrew Livingston from Knickerbocker MFG, Joel Moskowitz from Tools for Working Wood and also AHeirloom’s Bill Mowat.

I also got to delve into the pros and cons of doing business on Etsy by talking with Moskowitz and Mowat, who have very different perspectives. 

Here they are:  

4 Steps to Scale Your Artisanal Business 

To Etsy, or Not to Etsy?

And then on the Hand & Eye:

Gramercy Tools and Tools for Working Wood

Caroline Z. Hurley

Knickerbocker Mfg. Co

AHeirloom's Muddler