Matthew Porter's Surreal Flying Cars


Even if you’ve never heard his name, you’ve almost definitely seen Matthew Porter’s images - those surreal cinematic shots of muscle cars flying through the air. They’re so realistic, you can practically hear the engines roar. 

The shots are of course manipulated though. That kind of magic doesn’t happen so easily. Porter started making the images in his Brooklyn studio with Deicast model cars before he had any gallery representation as a photographer, and they’ve become hugely popular, sort of his trademark. One of them even hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Usually if you wanted one of these shots (as I do), you’d have to contact a gallery and fork over a pretty penny. But now is your chance to grab one via Magnum’s latest Square Print Sale, which is in partnership with Aperture Foundation this time. The images are signed, estate stamped and museum quality. 

For more background on Porter’s process, which involves shooting diecast toys mid flight, check this article in the Times

For more information on Porter's image for sale, and many more, check out Great Journeys’ the Magnum and Aperture sale here