Noted: Help Us Take It Down the Road

As the Hand & Eye approaches its third birthday, we're exploring ways to profile more makers, experiment with new formats, build a wider community and keep delivering the content that keeps you interested, and perhaps, pull in a few more partners as well. 

I'm weary of putting more ads on the site. It's one reason you don't see Google ads, or those same old ads that follow you around online on the Hand & Eye. They detract from the experience and the mess up the clean look of the pages. Up to now, I've only partnered with companies I actually like and shop from myself - that won't change. I do believe that commerce, community and media can live together in a way that benefits everyone, but it has to be done right, and with the right partners.  

Will you help me by answering this very brief nine question reader survey? It will help me get a sense of what matters to you and how to plot the course going forward. Or, of course, you can always email directly me with any ideas. I read, and respond to, all the replies.  

Much appreciated,


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