Rohan Anderson's Nursery Project

Rohan Anderson is one of my cultural heroes. Straight up. He’s a no B.S. guy who walks the walks, and isn’t afraid of pissing off powerful people and corporations in the process. Better, healthy, organic food is his mission and he’s tireless in pursuing it. Thing is, he’s in Australia, which makes me wish we had a Rohan Anderson here in the U.S.  

True, we do have a lot of food crusaders, people I admire like Michael Pollan and Alice Waters, and a giant new food movement that is awakening to the importance of sensible food production, but we don’t have a personality like Anderson. Regardless we’re connected to him. Through his amazing blog and Instagram feed, we can be part of his mission. 

And his latest chapter is one called the Nursery Project. From his Indiegogo campaign: “The Nursery Project will be hobby farm, based in the Central Highlands in regional Victoria, Australia. It will have a mess hall for cooking, eating and workshops; a vegetable garden; a fruit orchard; and paddocks for livestock. The Nursery Project will be a community-centred haven - a place for people to come and get their hands dirty, to breathe in some fresh air and learn more about where food really comes from.”

I’m looking forward to following Anderson’s project, even if he’s on the other side of the globe and I never actually get to taste the fruits of his labor.

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